Rendezvous is a 2.5D cyber-noir pixel art action-puzzle adventure game of family, betrayal, and dangerous secrets set against the backdrop of Bay City and Neo-Surabaya.

The story follows Setyo, a former criminal agent now living a mundane life as a security technician in Bay City. When an old companion turns up one evening at the local bar and reveals Setyo's sister is working with the most dangerous Cyberrunner group in Neo-Surabaya, Setyo realizes he must face his own sins and return to save what's left of his family. Can he save his sister from her future? And can he save himself from his past?

The Fractured Shimmer

The Fractured Shimmer is a 2.5D pixel-art survival horror adventure where you follow Eddy, A columnist investigates a series of unsettling murder cases of hikers whose bodies mutated into abominations near a damned mansion while uncover his own past.

Crack the enigma to solve the oddities and secrets of the cursed mansion and the mutating light.

Utilize the limited resource of the environment to outwit your pursuer.

Marketing Partnership (Indonesia)

We're open to marketing partnership for Indonesia region. 
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About Us

Also known as Pendopo Studio, we’re an indie studio from Yogyakarta, Indonesia of 4 persons team. We’ve been developing game from 2019 such as Rendezvous.

Contact Us:

Email : pendopomc@gmail.com Twitter : @PendopoSutdio


Puspanegara Diva Siregar

Chief Executive Officer
Game Designer


MT Akbar

Visual Artist


Arief Kurniawan YD

Lead Programmer